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Mark Stovel
Chairperson, Finance Committee

BIO: I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and relocated to Ontario in the fall of 2017 to be closer to my partner’s family. We have three daughters that keep us hopping and busy. My education includes a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Calgary and a Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. For the last four years I’ve owned and operated an entirely online CPA firm, serving clients from BC to Ontario.      

TERM: September 2017-2021, 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Leadership, financial modelling and forecasting, big picture plans, and prior board experience with Crohn’s and Colitis of Canada, and Outlink in Calgary.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILLEdge Hill School was the reason we landed here in Durham. We love the close knit community, the overarching goal to serve our children, and the desire to be intentional in our education and lives.

CONTACT ME: With any questions that you may have about the approved budget or the on going finances of the school. Please direct questions about tuition assistance and paying tuition to our wonderful admin team.

Melanie Needham
Treasurer, Finance Committee

BIO: I was born and raised in Whitby Ontario however today I live on a country property outside of Mount Forest. My husband Andrew and I have two boys that attend Edge Hill, Oliver and Emmett. I own a Training & Development company that focuses within the Insurance Industry and provide training for small to large corporations across the world. My passion is people and I am excited to infuse my skill set as a member of the board.

TERM: September 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Leadership,Strategic Planning, Training, Risk Management, Team Building, Policies and Procedures, Inclusivity, Corporate Fundraising, Contract Management

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: I love everything about Edge Hill from the incredible staff, to the warm and special environment, our children get to be inspired by. I was originally drawn to the Waldorf Curriculum to foster what I believe to be a developmentally appropriate approach to education but the experience has been so much more. My boys are thriving at Edge Hill and changing their school from the public system has been the best decision we have made.

Chad Little

BIO:Chad is an accomplished nuclear professional holding various leadership positions in Project Management, Engineering and Maintenance over the past 14 years.  Possessing a B.Sc. with a minor in Pre-Law from Marian University where he played NCAA Hockey and Golf. Born in Southampton but grew up Niagara-On-The-Lake he moved back to the Bruce County after graduation. Along with his wife Erin they are extremely involved in the local community volunteering countless hours towards charitable efforts and causes. Chad is no stranger to Waldorf education as Erin was previously a teacher at another school, they have two girls Olivia and Harper that both attend Edge Hill.

TERM: September 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Dedication, Ownership and Accountability along with many years of previous board experience

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: The foundation of Edge Hill and the Waldorf philosophy aligns with our family’s values system that was established when my wife (Erin) was previously teacher in a Waldorf inspired school. Edge Hill gives our girls (Olivia and Harper) the opportunity to learn and grow not just be taught.


Lise Gunby
Faculty Co-Chairperson

BIO: I have been a teacher for 30 years, and have taught in high schools, elementary schools, and (mostly!) Waldorf schools. I have taught at Edge Hill for around 20 years. I have also been a journalist, publisher, and editor. I live on a Grey County acreage with not a few animals. I hold my B.A., M.A. and B.Ed. as well as a Waldorf Teacher certificate and a diploma in journalism.

TERM: September 2020-2022 (Previous – Many years!)

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Pedagogy, human resources, problem-solving

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: Edge Hill School is unique on the planet as a Waldorf-inspired school that thrives because of its openness, commitment to community, beautiful natural setting, and devotion from its board, faculty, and parents to overcoming obstacles and thinking both big and small. It is a place where not only children, but adults, can learn to be their better and best selves. So many children have experienced so many joys here, and the adults have the pleasure of witnessing and participating in the wonder of childhood. As a teacher, seeing joyful and thoughtful children is what I love best about Edge Hill School.

CONTACT ME: With any pedagogical and classroom life questions, human resources concerns and ideas, festivals and special events for the children.

David Baines

BIOI have been a parent at the school since 2018. I have a degree in Kinesiology and a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. Presently I am a publisher of a community magazine in The Blue Mountains area and work part time at Community Living in Hanover. My past has consisted of being a co-owner of a landscape business. I have done volunteer work with Big Brothers and Big sisters in Mount Forest and King-Aurora hospice. Travel has been a great teacher for me in instilling the qualities of gratitude, compassion and love.

TERM: September 2020-2022 – (Previous: September 2018-2020)

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Active listening, compassionate heart, looking for the common ground in conversation with others. Valuing and respecting peoples opinions.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: I love the community of parents that have made the intentional decision to bring their kids to this school. I love the fact that the kids get to learn in a nurturing environment and have teachers that give their heart to them, who are flexible, caring and nurturing. That this school is run by parents and teachers who strive to create the best experience for the children. I am excited for the potential in the school, with the caliber of people we have to facilitate growing the school in a positive way.

CONTACT ME: If you have any suggestions to improve the school or concerns and not sure who to contact, please get in touch with me.

Kate Dunbar
Health & Safety Committee

BIO: Raised in the GTA under the loving care of maritimer parents, I moved up to the Grey Bruce area over 8 years ago with a heart full of desire to dial down and get rural.  My husband Miro and I live on a gorgeous piece of land outside of Chesley where we raise our two energetic children, Elan and Julian.  After completing a degree in psychology, I spent several years abroad teaching, studying yoga and travelling. Upon returning to Canada I worked for three years  at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health coordinating capacity building programs for primary care and allied health professionals serving underrepresented and marginalized communities.  After realizing my call to work in direct patient care, I returned to school and completed a nursing degree and have spent the past 8 years serving primarily in hospital with a special focus on palliative and end-of-life care. My creative pursuits include a lifetime of dance, theatrical clown, and a love of music.

TERM: September 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Honesty, integrity, humility, desire to work in community, commitment to dialogue and inclusivity, listening, project coordination and implementation, l’esprit de l’escalier. 

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: Every time I go to Edge Hill some kind of magic strikes me.  Be it a beautiful misplaced stone waiting for the next awe-struck person to pick it up, a discarded piece of wood being reimagined in the midst of children’s play, or the connections happening between parents whose unique journeys have led them to converge here.  I profoundly value the respect for and preservation of the innocence and wonder of childhood and the focus on nurturing children to grow from a place of natural trust and openness.  Our children always look forward to school and have developed deep and meaningful connections with their beloved teachers (I have accidentally been called ‘Ms Kara’ and ‘Ms Lisa’ many times!).  I also love the opportunity for parental involvement, education, personal development and community building that comes as part of having a child attend our Waldorf-inspired school. 

CONTACT ME: Because I would love to get to know you better!  And also if you have any questions or concerns related Health and Safety or fundraising activities


Leslie Moskovits
Operational Fundraising Liaison, Governance & Sustainability Committee

BIO:I run Cedar Down Farm, growing organic veggies with my partner Jeff for Community Supported Agriculture shares. I’ve lived in Grey County for 12 years and grew up in Toronto.   We’ve got two little cuties, Asher and Wren who both attend Edgehill.

TERM: September 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING: Good at organizing and completing to do lists, support for school community, positive communication, cooking?!

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: I love the vision of Edgehill and the way the education children receive is for their whole person.  I value a community-driven school and the opportunities for strong connections, creativity and community building inclusive of and adjacent to the children’s school life.

CONTACT ME: Listening skills,  issues related to school governance and DEI work, support for school projects

Louis Sorichetti


TERM: September 2021-2023




Allan Asselin
Capital Fundraising

BIO: I was born in Toronto in 1957, attending Neil Mc Neil Catholic Boys School from 1970-1975.  Attended University of Toronto for business and enjoyed a successful career in Toronto until we literally bought the farm in Harriston in 1984.  We ran a local business until 1989 when I returned to my education, attending WLU and again, the U of T for the B.Ed. Program.  Taught Grades 2-6 and Special Education before I became an administrator, enjoying my role as Principal at Saint Mary Catholic School in Mount Forest for over five years from 2005-2010. Unfortunately we had to sell the farm in 2010 to open Saint Ignatius of Loyola in Guelph, ending my career in formal public education as Superintendent of Education in 2015.  My education also includes an M.A. in Executive Leadership from the University of Guelph.

TERMSeptember 2021-2023

WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLSET I BRING Energetic, enthusiastic, patient, hard-working, diligent, generous and kind.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT EDGE HILL: I love the curriculum focus on the whole child, how humanity interacts responsibly and joyously with the natural world and the wonderfully positive vibrations I get when I communicate with faculty and administration!

CONTACT ME: Teaching thoughts and ideas, creative feedback, suggestions for innovative methodologies and business matters.

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Founded in 1986, Edge Hill Country School is part of a world-wide educational movement with a highly developed curriculum to teach the whole child in an artistically and academically rich environment.

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